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My name is Rick Samara. I’m the President andĀ founder of Internet Marketing Services. My partner, Paul Stober and I have a combined 18-years experience in Internet marketing.

The mission of Internet Marketing Services for local business is to help small business owners grow their business! We drive customers to your business! We increase your sales! We make your phone ring! We save you money on your current outdated advertising methods and show you new, innovative state-of-the-art Internet marketing methods that increase your return-on-investment on your advertising dollars. The Internet has presented some very exciting opportunities for small business owners. We simply want to share these opportunities with you.

Our Internet Marketing Services start with our website creation tool, WordPress. WordPress theme customisation combined with local search marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing help us create attractive, flexible, functional and promotable websites/blogs for our clients. We do not use a “cookie cutter” approach to Internet marketing. Every business has different needs. Our standard approach is to help you develop an integrated marketing campaign based on the services we offer.

Why WordPress? A website is just a website unless you know how to effectively advertise and promote it to grow your business. You need to advertise and promote it if you want to get visitors/traffic. That’s the key to success in Internet marketing. The major driver of traffic to a website is Google. They control over 70 percent of the search market in the US. You very well know that little search box you go to whenever you want to find something. We’ve mastered local search.

WordPress is optimized for Google search. There are hundreds of PlugIns available to make your business website very friendly to the Google search engine. The trick is knowing which are best suited for your particular needs. Please vist our page on sample websites to view just a few of our examples.

While Google has long “owned the Internet,” Facebook has surpassed Google in many aspects. Facebook has become a more active advertising platform. It allows small business owners to reach out and touch their clients. Furthermore, Facebook members can easily refer your business products and services to their friends; thereby taking your marketing efforts viral. Give us an opportunity to show you how you might value in this regard.

Local search marketing is in it’s infancy. Google has targeted local small business as a major market sector. This trend was energized in October 2010 with the launch of Google Places (now Google Business). This is an art and science in itself, and it’s something we are tremendously excited about. We’re excited because we know what this can do for your business!

Mobile marketing is simply exploding! Smart phones are beginning to replace the PC and laptop for many people. Approximately 52 percent of all search are now conducted via smart phones. People are leaving the house with their keys, their wallet and their smart phone! More and more searches are done when people are in their vehicles and looking for something or some service. There is tremendous opportunity here for your business, and our Internet Marketing Services for local business is here to help you maximize this huge marketing opportunity.

The world is changing. We want the opportunity to show you what this means to your bottom. We have synergies that can help you grow your small business through Internet maketing!