Local SEO starts with establishing a Google My Business Account

local-seo-google-my-businessWhy is a Google My Business Account so important for local SEO? First, it’s important to define local SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO enables Google to understand where your business is located and what services your provide.


This not only establishes your presence on the Internet, it also allows Google to better understand your business so that they can enhance the end users experience. The end users are simply the potential customers or clients in your local market. Consequently, the better Google knows and likes your business, the more likely they are to send visitors to your website when these visitors search on the Internet.


The article below on Local SEO is provided by Joost de Valk. Joost lives in the Netherlands and is top authority on SEO. He makes his living providing SEO for a lot of companies.  This is a great article. That’s why we are sharing it with you. Paul and I have been free students of Joost for years. Truth be told, we are much better authorities on Local SEO in the US market, and our services are a lot less expensive.


In this article, Joost attempts to cover a lot of ground and does a good job. We will be publishing follow up articles and videos on how to establish a successful business presence with local SEO with a focus on Google My Business.


In the meantime, this article provides a good quick overview.

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