These examples are consistent with our Integrated Internet Marketing Strategy… a strategy that ties together website design with social media. Take a look at our professional work.

In the top section, we highlight our most recent successes in Website design!

A website can simply be used to establish a businesses presence on the Internet. On the other hand, it can do so much more. A business website can be used as an income generator. Below, we provide examples of a simple website and two examples of websites that are generating income. Self Empower Coaching is a website that started producing income shortly after we took over this site. We went back and SEO’d all previous posts or articles, secured it with a SSL Certificate, turned it into a membership site, hooked it up with PayPal. But, the magic is just beginning!  We are wrapping and packing the expertise of this extremely knowledgeable professional certified career coach, Deborah Oranzio, into separate products at various price points that will produce income for her well into the future.

How this ties into our Integrated Internet Marketing Strategy…

First and foremost, our clients have to buy into this strategy. But, it’s quite simple. Assuming they have a Facebook business page, we just publish their posts or articles on their business page. This is working smarter, rather than harder. We are simply “double-dipping” their content to create a much wider audience.

Jerry’s Plumbing, Heating and Air bought into our Integrated Internet Strategy a few years back. We provide content to their website. We write articles. We provide video marketing. And, we publish this content on Facebook, Google MyBusiness and YouTube. They rely heavily on us to make “their phone ring” with new business customers.

Motion Pumping

Brand new website created for a major concrete contractor servicing a tri-state region in the Northeast. They wanted a simple site that contractors could relate to.

Woods Design Services

This is an example of simple 5-page website designed to establish an Internet presence or,as we like to call it, a business card Internet presence.

Jerry's Plumbing, Heating and Air, INC

A top producing website. This customer relies on us to make his phone ring,

Integrated Internet Marketing combines Websites with Social Media.

Here are examples of our Facebook Business or Fan Pages

YouTube combines Social Media with Video Marketing

Here are some examples of our “Business Introduction” Videos!

This is a business introduction video used to create content on our client’s website, and all Google properties: Google+, Google MyBusiness and YouTube.

Please Note: While this client understands the value of YouTube, he did not want this video on his website hosted by YouTube. So, we arranged seperate hosting for his videos. Plus, this video does describe a “call to action,” but it’s not annotated on this video. It’s not needed here. It’s on the website.

Here is another example of a “Business Introduction” video. We used this as content on their business website, Google’s properties as well as this client’s Facebook Business Page.

Our client didn’t need to do a voice over or spend any of his valuable time on this video. We fully understand that small business owners are out there busting their ass in the field working hard to build their business and provide top quality service to their customers. We understand. And we know this particlar business, and this business owner’s priorities. He often communicates his needs to us late at night via text message. We’ve built a very strong relationship based on know, like and trust.

Here is a third example of a “Business Introduction” video. Again, we use this as content on business websites, Google’s properties as well as a client’s Facebook Business Page.


This is a white board or video scribe. The really cool thing about this type of video is that this type of video marketing literally “speaks for itself” without a voiceover. This video type engages your audience visually and holds their attention. Plus, it conveys your message FAST! And, it’s easy to create a “call to action!”

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