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All you have to do is complete the short survey below. Then you can schedule a brief call where we discuss the specific items to include in your video. You’ll also discover how to:

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PLUS: You’ll also discover how EIMS will do all this FOR YOU while you attend to your existing clients.


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Just like everything from EIMS, there’s also a no hassle…no questions asked RISK-FREE GUARANTEE. And here it is:

There are no long-term contracts…If things aren’t working out as you expect, you can contact the support team by email at to cancel your service. No Fees. No hassles. No questions asked.


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If you’ve read anything about the online marketing world, you know that a modern, responsive website, with valuable content published where people spend their time online, will attract people who want and need your service. You already understand the value of properly following-up with leads until they become clients.

The problem isn’t knowing what works. It’s finding the time to actually DO THE WORK. You’re already busy enough.

That’s why EIMS does the work FOR YOU. Face it, if you had the time to do your online marketing the way it should be done, you’d have done it by now.


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