Frequently Asked Questions

Read and Learn on our Frequently Asked Questions Page. These frequently asked questions reflect some very basic, yet common concerns of our clients.

While we have over 16 years of experience in Internet marketing and creating websites, the majority of our clients are new business owners, bloggers, consultants or otherwise experts in their field that want their own website to promote their valuable services. Every client is different and all have unique needs. For example, some clients desire us to advise, then do the job for them. Others want a more hands-on approach. The purposed of our frequently asked questions page it twofold: 1.) to empower clients that want to devote some effort to their website, and 2.) to show our clients the type of work we do on their behalf

Frequently Asked Questions 1: How do I Edit my Post or Page?

A lot of clients leave content management to us. On the other hand, we have clients that want to understand some basic functions in order to manage their website. These are clients that desire a hands-on approach to their website. Here are instructions on how to edit a post or page:

frequently asked questionsfrequently-asked-questions

follow these instructions

frequently asked questions


Frequently Asked Questions: 2. How do I Establish my Google Business Page?

“You have told me over and over again that I need to establish my business presence on Google, so how do I do it.”  You can let us do it and manage it for you. Whether you have a brick and mortar business or work from home, these video instructions will get you started. Over 90 Percent of our clients would rather have us manage their Google Business Page. If you want to be successful, do the voodoo you do, create content on your area of expertise.  Use us to manage your Internet marketing presence and help you grow your business!

Frequently Asked Questions: 3. I’m Getting Great Results in Local Search, but How do I Expand my Business to Surrounding Cities?

We love this question, but your business success is about  building a foundation, then scaling your business success to a larger market. Before we give you some sound alternatives, we need to ensure that your business is secure in your local market. We’ll provide you guidance on how to grow your local market, Content and local Search Engine Optimization are key to your success! Once you’ve achieved success in your local market, we can begin to scale up your business.

Frequently Asked Question 4: How do I Access my Google Analytics Account?

This is a basic service that we provide.  We set up your Google Analytics Account and monitor it for you. We provide you with updates to track our results and to help you understand what you need to do to drive more organic (free) traffic or visitors to your website.

However, some clients have requested a shared access to their Google Analytics account. Here’s how you do it.

Wordpress Setting Tab

Log into your Dashboard…

Scroll down to “Settings”…

Click on the “Settings” link…




XML Settings

Scroll down to “XML Sitemap”…

Click on “XML Sitemap”…




Google Webmaster Tools

All requested shared Google Analytics requests are honored. Please understand that there might be additional verification requirements levied by Google for security purposes. Google changes their security verification requirements on occasion.  Webmasters are not always notified of these changes. Rest assured that we will resolve any apparent glitch to help you gain access if you desire.


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