2 Great Content Marketing Tips

Content Marketing TipsWe want to share some simple, but fantastic content marketing tips!

Central to digital marketing is creating content on the Internet. There are many forms of content, but this article focuses exclusively on content marketing tips preparing and writing blog posts. Let’s keep this simple, blog posts are simply articles posted on your business website that are used to achieve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) glory.

If you want the search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) to drive people to your website and make your phone ring, you have to focus on creating useful and compelling content that is optimized reasonably well for these search engines. That means doing above average SEO. Actually, it means doing the SEO job better than you local competition. And, that’s where we excel.

Content Marketing Tips (# 1): Get Organized

Do not simply start writing without giving some thought about your article or blog post. We see this all the time. It’s a common mistake made by many article writers, particularly those that write on small business websites. The first thing to consider is your focus keyword. Your focus keyword tells Google and the other search engine what your article is about, This enables them to determine the value of your article to their users. If you do this properly, you will be rewarded with free visits to your website.

You focus keyword can be a two or three word combination.  For example, our focus keyword in this article is “Content Marketing Tips.”  Your focus keyword needs to be used in your article. Check out how many times we have used our focus keyword in this article. You do not want to force it, but if you use the simple structure we recommend (below) it’s rather easy.

Content Marketing Tips (# 2): Use this Simple Structure

This is a simple lesson and one that most of us learned in high school. It is so simple that many people just seem to forget it. Years have passed, but it’s time to get down to some basic writing skills. Whenever you write an article you want to tell me what you are going to tell me. Then tell me me what I need to know. Finally, you wrap it up with a summary or conclusion. Follow this structure and you will see how easy it is to use your focus keyword numerous times. That’s great SEO and the search engines will reward you for your effort.

In summary, we have provided two great content marketing tips in this article. These are beginner steps every content marketer or article writer needs to understand and practice. For further reading and understanding on this topic, we have found an excellent article for you.

This is an article by a highly recognized international SEO authority. In this article, you will find 10 great tips to expand your knowledge on SEO and Content Marketing. Keep in mind that some of these tips are for blogs that want to be found internationally. Our focus at E-Internet Marketing Services is getting our business clients found locally by the search engines and having the search engines drive traffic to their websites to make their phone ring. That’s our “sweet spot.” That’s how we excel at helping small business owners.

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Writing a blog post, like all other writing, is a skill. To keep your reader interested, you should think about the structure of your copy and write appealing texts. You can help your readers to grasp the main idea of your post by providing headings, subheadings and clear paragraphs. […]

Local SEO Starts with Google My Business

Local SEO starts with establishing a Google My Business Account

local-seo-google-my-businessWhy is a Google My Business Account so important for local SEO? First, it’s important to define local SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO enables Google to understand where your business is located and what services your provide.


This not only establishes your presence on the Internet, it also allows Google to better understand your business so that they can enhance the end users experience. The end users are simply the potential customers or clients in your local market. Consequently, the better Google knows and likes your business, the more likely they are to send visitors to your website when these visitors search on the Internet.


The article below on Local SEO is provided by Joost de Valk. Joost lives in the Netherlands and is top authority on SEO. He makes his living providing SEO for a lot of companies.  This is a great article. That’s why we are sharing it with you. Paul and I have been free students of Joost for years. Truth be told, we are much better authorities on Local SEO in the US market, and our services are a lot less expensive.


In this article, Joost attempts to cover a lot of ground and does a good job. We will be publishing follow up articles and videos on how to establish a successful business presence with local SEO with a focus on Google My Business.


In the meantime, this article provides a good quick overview.

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Local SEO means getting a Google My Business listing

Every business owner with a website is looking for ways to get noticed in the search results. Today, there are loads of tactics to rank well as a local business, but there is no silver bullet: as with most SEO issues, this is a combined effort. One of these […]

Need Help with Internet Marketing?

help with internet marketingWe provide help with Internet marketing. If left alone, unmanaged and unchanged, your small business Internet marketing efforts will go stale over time. We see it all the time. As a small business owner, you understand the value of new product developments that enable you to be competitive in your market.The same is true for your Internet marketing. Your internet marketing strategy needs to change as newer and better technologies are added to website development and social media and video marketing.

Left alone and forgotten translates to Google and the other search engines ignoring your website. So, ask yourself this question… Do you want free, organic search results? Or do you want to allow your Internet marketing strategy to simply die over time? We provide help with Internet marketing… help that actually makes your business phone ring.

In this article, we will show you how we provide help with Internet marketing using two examples;


1. Website Redesign

2. Video Marketing


Help with Internet Marketing (Example 1): Website Redesign

help with internet marketing webite deignThis is an example of a website that was built in the 2010-2011 timeframe using one of the better WordPress design templates at the time. At that time, our client wasn’t real clear on their marketing objective(s). So, we added some pictures that described the different types of law practiced by his firm.

Over time, this client focused on their marketing objective. Their primary focus was on bankruptcy law, and they wanted to target market a specific region in Southern Maryland.



New Website Redesign

guenther-law-new-designThis new design better meets our client’s needs. It clearly focuses on our client’s target market and target area. The $500 discount coupon for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy now downloads to a PDF printable file. It’s more responsive to their client’s.

Furthermore, it’s much more attractive is highly mobile responsive. You just have to see it on your phone…check it out…
Bankruptcy Attorney in Waldorf.



Help with Internet Marketing (Example 2): Video Marketing

This is the first business introduction video we created for Guenther Law. It was shot using a 35mm camera. Truth be told, a modern smart phone would have done the job. This video was used as content on their website and published on YouTube, Google+ and Google MyBusiness. Content is critically important if you want to be found in Google local search. This video was highly successful.

Here’s the value we offer our clients. The first video did all the right things in terms of marketing. But, this video goes above and beyond the “right things.” We took this video to the next level. This is a video our client can use as a TV commercial and it has a very strong call to action.

Furthermore, our clients own their videos! All they need to do is request a copy!

Small Business Website

small business websiteA small business website is critical to a small business’s Internet marketing success.  It’s your cornerstone in developing an Integrated Internet Marketing strategy.

A small business website is your virtual office on the Internet.  You own your small business!  You also want to ensure that you own your website. That means you want to own your own URL (Domain name.  For example: http://einternetmarketingservices.org is my URL/Domain Name.)  A small business website also needs it’s own paid hosting (more on that topic in my next article).  The cost of these basic services is surprisingly low if it’s managed properly.  There are several other advantages to having your own small business website as well! Small Business Website Before I get into those other advantages, first let me put this into perspective as measured against the Customer Lifecycle that was used in the first part of article series.  As shown in this diagram you cannot start to drive traffic and attract leads on the Internet without having a location to drive traffic!  A website provides that location. So, that is where we have to start… with a small business website. First of all, a small business website allows you to brand your business.  When managed as described above,  you should automatically get access to professional email accounts.  This is a standard feature with most hosting accounts. So, what exactly does this mean?  It means that each employee in your small business receives their own professional email account.  For example, mine is rick@einternetmarketingservices.org.  I have a separate email account set up for “service,” “info,” and my employees all have their own business email account. This is essential for branding and professionalism.  And, this can immediately place you in higher regard than your competition.  On the other hand, if your competition is using a professional email account, they are positioned better in today’s competitive market than your business. While you may use Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail for your personal accounts, it’s time to move into the professional world!  Ask yourself this question: if you were looking for a orthodontist for your children who would you trust more, Don_Little6834@hotmail.com or Don@DrLittleOrthodonist.com?  In today’s market, people want to deal with professionals; and, appearance and perceptions count.  Can you afford to overlook these small details?  These email accounts are easily set-up within the back office of your hosting account.  Furthermore, they can be forwarded to personal email accounts. This is a simple process and one we manage for our clients. Secondly, your small business website needs to be search engine friendly.  In other words, it must include the basic fundamental criteria of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO is the process of getting found, indexed and, more importantly, ranked by the major search engines. (See: Search Engine Optimization for Small Business Websites.)   Every other component of Internet marketing will build upon this premise.  This is a process, and it warrants careful attention, testing and occasional updates. In the third part of this series on Integrated Internet Marketing, I will continue the discussion on Small Business Websites.  However, this time I will focus exclusively on establishing a domain name and hosting.

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SEO Offers Free Organic Search Traffic to Small Business Websites

free organic searchThis article focuses on the benefits that free organic search provides small business owners.

Free organic search, can rock your business! With a properly SEO’d website, customers will call. SEO offers free organic search traffic!  And, traffic means visitors which translates to sales. Let’s face it. All small business owners want to maximize their profit. And, they want to maximize the return on their investment advertising dollars or budget. The two go hand in hand. So, any small business owner with a website that is designed to attract new business would simply love to generate new business via their website at the lowest cost possible.

But first, let me quickly review the difference between Sponsored or Paid Search and Free Organic Search. The following picture depicts the difference between the two:

Free organic search versus paid search

When you do a search, you will see the “Ads” at the top of the page. These are paid ads or Google AdWords ads. Larger companies typically pay a high premium for these ads. Check out the search term, “waldorf plumber.”  It’s at the top of the picture in the search box. Here’s a big difference between paid and organic ads… notice the different locations of the companies. They are not in Waldorf. These are companies doing perimeter marketing outside their actual location. In this case, they are marketing to potential customers in Waldorf.

Historically, consumers have placed more trust in organic search than paid search results. They recognize that companies outside their area marketing to their area might have higher costs associated with marketing; and, that these costs may be passed on to the customer. And, in our personal opinion, consumers would rather deal with a local company in their area that they can build a lasting relationship with based on more personalized service.

This Webinar on Search Engine Optimization focuses on Free Organic Search.

This Webinar is just over 50 minutes long, but well worth the time if you have a small business website.  It’s provided by Rueben Yau, the Search Manager at Manta.  In this Webinar you will learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization. You will learn: what SEO is and what it isn’t; how to incorporate it into your small business website;and, how to get your website found by the major search engines.

We find that most small business owners simply do not have the time to manage their own SEO. We are here to help!

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