This article will tell you why a small business needs a website.

The basis for this article is found in an excellent article published on the Manta website. You will have full access to that article below. In that article, the author identified 10 reasons why a small business needs a website.

We have narrowed our focus to the top 2 Reasons Why a Small Business Needs a Website. This is based on our professional experience with the small business websites we manage.

Why a small business needs a website (Reason 1): Secure Your Brand Identity

The Manta article seems to focus on someone stealing a name like Jerry’s Plumbing and stealing their brand. This may or not be an issue in our local market. We do find that many businesses use their business name in their URL (domain name.). However, we find that our best search results are with URLs that contain a keyword with location. For example: Plumbers in Waldorf, MD.

We totally agree that the very first thing that any small business, and that also includes families and any budding entrepreneur to do is to secure your URL (domain name).

Why a small business needs a website (Reason 2): Visibility and keeping up with your competitors.

We learned a valuable lesson, years ago, that has enabled us to add value to our clients. If you do the little things that get you found on the Internet better than your competitors, you will generate more business than they will. It’s a simple concept, but it is so true.

Visibility is key and the key to visibility is exactly why a small business needs a website.  A business website enhances your credibility. A business website sets you apart from your competition. Most importantly, it provides you the visibility you need on the Internet to grow your business.

These are the two best reasons we have found that should motivate any small business or budding entrepreneur to build a website.

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Make sure you check out the Manta article, below, on their 10 Reasons Why a Small Business Needs a Website.

10 Reasons Why a Small Business Needs a Website

Most customers turn to the web when looking for a local business. Without a website, your company could lose credibility and lose sales. You may wonder why your small business needs a website, particularly if your business deals with only local customers. After all, it does cost money to […]


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